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Our quotation for a cooling capacity of 113.2 kW at +20°C cooling medium outlet temperature and +32°C ambient temperature:

GUPCGE1200.01-NEB-System – 1 piece

ProfiCool Genius Cooling Water Recooler


consisting of the following items:

*GUPCGE1200 – 1 piece

ProfiCool Genius PCGE 1200 Cooling Water Recooler.
3-phase mains connection

*MPCGE6-001-1200 – 1 piece

Hydraulic design – single-circuit system with tank

*MPCGE6-P8-AP09B-1200 – 1 piece

Pump P8-AP09B instead of pump P3-AP04B.
Piped and connected ready for operation.
Stainless steel.
Mains connection: 400V/3Ph/50Hz ±5%.

*ZPCGE6-041-1200 – 1 piece

Overflow valve. Brass material. Integrated.

*ZPCGE6-060-1200 – 1 piece

Manometer, 0-6 bar, for water pressure indication

*MPCGE6-040-1200 – 1 piece

Complete isolation of the water circuit

*MPCGE9-002-1200 – 1 piece

Refrigeration design Refrigerant R407C

*MPCGE9-009-1200 – 1 piece

Condenser, air-cooled

*MPCGE9-049-1200 – 1 piece

Axial fans, low-noise

*MPCGE2-001-1200 – 1 piece

Electrical configuration 3/PE AC 50Hz 400V ±5% for
three-phase current / four-wire system.

*ZPCGE2-018-1200 – 1 piece

Electronic governor with digital display
Type: Dixell IC260L V0.9

*ZPCGE2-001-1200 – 1 piece

Collective fault signal Faults that occur are
routed potential-free to the terminal and can thus
be processed externally.

*ZPCGE2-054-1200 – 1 piece

Remote control For switching on and off via the consumer. Switches off the cooling, fan and pump. 2 contacts on terminal strip.

*MPCGE7-003-1200 – 1 piece

Installation package for ambient temperatures <+10°C to max. -15°C (other temperatures on request)
Consisting of speed-controlled fan, protection against low pressure faults and additional oil heating for compressor.

CAUTION! Glycol additive (ETHYLENE-GLYCOL!) of 34% vol. mandatory. For outdoor installation, a weather protection roof must be provided on site to protect against rainfall.

*MPCGE5-077-1200 – 1 piece

Standard paint finish in RAL 7035 (light grey) Structure: orange peel

*YPCGE6-008-1200 – 1 piece

Flow monitoring by means of differential pressure switch.
Alarm signal when the minimum volume flow is not reached (see data sheet).
Alarm signal can be tapped on contacts.
Alarm switches the unit off.

*YPCGE8-038-1200 – 1 piece

Labelling in internationally comprehensible symbols
Enclosed with the unit:

2 BPCGEGEEN-10-02-23   Documentation

German / English on CD-ROM

For ProfiCool Genius. As of 23/02/2010





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